Humble Beginnings:

How We Became Who We Are

The Halsted Street Deli concept utilizes three core principles for continuous profitability and customer satisfaction.

First, our menu choices make each meal an adventure. We offer colossal, two-handed sandwiches along with guiltless, low-carb, low-fat options. For instance, our menu varies from deli classics, delicious salads and desserts to gourmet coffee and fresh juices.

Second, we use a wide selection of breads, hand-sliced meats and cheeses to create any of our fifteen incredible sandwiches.

Our ingenious combination of fresh, unique ingredients and condiments consistently causes our customers to remember yesterday's lunch with a smile when today's lunch break rolls around. Third, we make each Halsted Street Deli the ideal place for patrons to eat with friends or associates.

Our goal is to create a fun, colorful and warm atmosphere in order to enliven the day as well as relax the mind. We have designed each interior layout to function effeciently and successfully in many different types of environments while also reflecting an atmosphere of high standards.